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Sea containers have been the backbone of the logistics industry for transporting goods over long distances for decades. Their strength and standardized dimensions are a great advantage also in the context of storing various types of goods. In our wide offer, you will certainly find a container that meets your needs. If you don't know what to look for when choosing a container - call us or use the contact form.

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Steelcube products – Sea Containers

Sea containers have been used to transport goods over long distances for over half a century. Thanks to their durability and standardized dimensions, they also work well as a place to store and secure various types of items. In our offer, you will find a wide selection of containers in various sizes.

Sea container – characteristics and construction of a sea container

Under the term “sea containers” there are metal boxes used primarily for the transport of general cargo. Their great advantage is a universal application. They work well not only as devices for transporting products, but also perform warehouse and even office or residential functions. The most standard and at the same time the most popular type of sea container has a cuboid shape and is equipped with a double door, although there are exceptions (e.g. high cube sea container).

The internal and external dimensions of the containers available for sea transport have been standardized in the ISO 668 standard. The most popular containers are available in the 20 and 40 HC variants. Thanks to this, they are adapted to be used anywhere in the world. Some models in the production process of the container are equipped with handles for securing the load, which gives even greater safety during the journey.

New and used sea containers. A wide range of containers

At Steelcube, we offer you new and used sea containers available for sale or rent. All containers that we offer to our customers are in good technical condition and can be used for storage or transport of goods.

The option of renting a sea container is dedicated to every customer who needs a temporary solution, e.g. on construction sites as office containers or a temporary warehouse for construction machinery. The new sea containers are perfect for logistics, including sea and road transport, as well as reusable returnable packaging.

Storage containers for everyone

All our sea containers can be successfully used as warehouses. Easy loading and unloading of goods mean that the sea containers that we have for sale can be used many times. The construction of the sea container (including the size of the door) allows you to store everything in it, from general cargo to furniture or other large-size goods.

What’s more, the storage containers that we have included in the offer perfectly protect the goods against theft or the negative impact of weather conditions. Check what storage containers we currently offer and find the perfect warehouse among the types and sizes.

Sea containers for rent

Sea container rental services are still gaining in popularity. Used sea containers are used in many industries, not only in broadly understood logistics. They can, for example, be used as storage containers for seasonal entrepreneurs. Another possible application is office containers. After installing additional equipment such as lighting, they provide an excellent additional space for employees.

Sea containers for rent are also used by companies that want to test how the given internal dimensions work daily as a warehouse, or how they affect the loading, unloading, and transport of goods. In this case, the used sea containers for rent available from us are a great introduction to making a further purchasing decision.

Sea containers for sale

An alternative to renting is, of course, the “I will sell a sea container” option. We offer many different technically efficient models in many sizes and even colors. We offer both new and used 20 and 40 hc sea containers. We guarantee favorable prices and high-quality customer service. We assist in completing the formalities.

All models will be technically checked (functional doors, no damage), and the customer will be thoroughly informed about their visual and technical condition. A wide range of sea containers in the “sell” option is a unique opportunity to buy new and used sea containers that guarantee quick loading and the ability to store everything you need for many years.

Steelcube containers – why is it worth it?

Cooperation with Steelcube is a guarantee of the highest quality sea containers. We offer a wide selection, as well as professional advice in choosing the model that best suits your current needs. We have experience in the sea container industry and we can provide universal solutions for companies from many industries.

We can also install additional equipment or offer a different type of container – for example, one of our refrigerated containers. Send an inquiry for available sea containers now and enjoy unprecedented quality in the transport industry.

Sea container 20’DC OW – new, blue, steel

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Sea container 20’DC OW – new, gray, steel

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kontener morski 20 stopowy nowy szary - steelcube

Sea Container 20’DC CW – used

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Sea container 40’HC OW – new

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Sea container 40’HC CW – used

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