About Steelcube

Transport containers tailored to your needs

Modern international transport relies heavily on sea containers. Using our passion, knowledge, and experience in the TSL industry, we decided to deal with professional container trade.

Steelcube is a company made up of a team of experts in the field of sales and rental of all types of containers. Working with our partners, we focus on reliability, safety, and providing tailor-made solutions. We have a wide range of containers diversified both in terms of size and their purpose. We always adapt to the current needs of your business. Explore our product catalog and find the model that best suits your needs.

About Steelcube

Polish distributor of containers

We are a company with Polish capital and many years of experience in the TSL industry. In a dynamically changing business environment, we focus on flexibility and development within the narrow specialization of sea containers. Optimization of the business model and constant cooperation with trusted partners in the industry mean for our clients not only extremely advantageous offers, but also punctuality and reliability. In addition to standard sea containers, we offer their modifications. You have an unusual idea – use the contact form or call.

Standard containers

It is a closed container with standardized dimensions, most often used for the transport of general cargo. It is used to transport up to 90% of goods transported by sea, it is also great as a warehouse.

Refrigerated containers

It is a container with walls of a multi-layer structure filled with polyurethane foam, which is excellent insulation for the container. The container cold store is equipped with a refrigeration unit that allows you to maintain a constant temperature set by the user, regardless of the prevailing external conditions. This type of container is used to transport and store goods exposed to external factors such as temperature or humidity.

Specialized containers

Containers created for special tasks. Oversized goods, loose goods, liquids, or gases are not a problem for us. You have unusual goods and you are looking for a safe way to transport or store them - call or write to us.


We have nearly 200 containers available immediately


We have 9 types of containers in stock, new and used, including: 20'DC, 40'DC, 40'HC, and 40'HCRF.


2.5 days, this is the average delivery time for our orders throughout Poland

Sea containers

What can you use our containers for?

We sell and rent most types of containers, including the most popular 20’DC and 40’HC.
Thanks to their construction, containers are an ideal storage solution, protecting goods against weather conditions or attempted theft. The possibility of additionally equipping them with electricity, insulation, windows, doors, or water and sewage installations makes them suitable for various functions, including residential, office or commercial facilities.

Refrigerated containers, on the other hand, are the best solution for the transport or storage of goods that require a constant, specific temperature. They successfully serve in industries such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food.

Containers are the perfect solution when you need extra space quickly.

Why Steelcube?

We are a supplier of comprehensive solutions in the field of transport, rental, and sale of sea containers. We serve clients from various industries, taking care of clear communication rules and timely execution of orders.

Flexible storage solutions

Need extra space? Bet on optimal, tailor-made solutions. And when the container is no longer needed - contact us, and we will gladly buy it back.

Freedom of arrangement

The standardization and durability of sea containers mean that you can freely expand your storage space.

Easy assembly

Unloading and positioning the container is extremely simple - all you need is a piece of flat ground.

Quick implementation

Fast and timely project implementation is the basis for successful cooperation for us


A sea container is not only extremely durable but above all the most mobile storage solution used in many industries.

Variety of solutions

We offer most types of sea containers, including specialized ones. If you looking for unusual solutions - contact us.