Sea containers

Container 20’DC CW

The used 20’DC CW container is a universal storage solution. The phrase CW (Cargo Worthy) means that the container is used, but technically sound: it is tight, the doors open and close, and the floor has no holes. It should be remembered, however, that the CW container bears traces of shipowner exploitation: it has rust spots, dents or scratches. It is a suitable storage solution for all those who value functionality over aesthetics.
Its size is a compromise between large storage capacity (over 33m³) and small external dimensions (6m*2.44m). Compact dimensions and low weight (approx. 2245 kg) make it one of the most mobile storage solutions – it is not without reason that it is the basic choice of construction companies. The 20’DC container is the best solution for anyone who needs storage space and has limited space at the place of unloading. it works perfectly as a “home” storage.
Its design, adapted to the hardships of many years of sea service, means very high strength and resistance to external factors. A used 20’DC container is a storage solution for years.