Sea containers

Why 20’DC One-Way Container?

The 20’DC One Way container is a universal storage solution. The phrase One Way means that the container is brand new, after one sea voyage. Thanks to this, it is very aesthetic – it will work well in any environment.
Its size compromises large storage capacity (over 33m³) and small external dimensions (6m*2.44m). Compact dimensions and low weight (approx. 2245 kg) make it one of the most mobile storage solutions – it is not without reason that it is the basic choice of construction companies. The 20’DC container is the best solution for anyone who needs storage space and has limited space at the place of unloading. it works perfectly as a “home” storage.
Its design, adapted to the hardships of many years of sea service, means very high strength and resistance to external factors. The 20’DC One Way container is a storage solution for years.

The Steelcube offer includes many models of containers that differ in terms of dimensions, purpose, and quality.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of sea and storage containers.


Sea container 20 – sizes

The 20 DC sea container is the fulfillment of everything you could expect from both an ideal warehouse and a box for transporting goods. Its dimensions have been selected so that, despite its seemingly small size, which makes it easy to place it in the selected means of transport, it has an impressive load capacity at the same time. The external dimensions of the 20 DC container are 6m * 2.44m. The internal dimensions allow for a capacity of over 33m³. This allows, for example, to fit inside 482 euro boxes with dimensions of 60cmx47cmx20cm.


Sea container 20 – for who?

The 20 DC sea container is the best solution when you need to store or transport something, and at the same time, you are unable to use high cube containers or other larger containers.

A 20-foot container will fully meet the storage needs of households, but also smaller workplaces, construction teams, or service premises.


One-Way Containers – why is it worth it? 

The phrase One Way simply means that the container we offer has so far made only one sea journey. So you can define such containers as used containers, although in practice they behave like new.

Such containers are in perfect technical and visual condition. They are fully sealed and ensure the complete safety of the goods placed inside. They are therefore an ideal compromise between the purchase of a used container and the investment in a completely new one.


Sea container 20 – advantages 

This container has a lot of advantages that make it worth choosing. It provides both a great price-quality ratio as well a size-to-capacity ratio. What’s more, it is in perfect condition, has its unique container number proving its originality, and works as a storage container in many situations.

If you are looking for a proven solution for years, and at the same time you prefer buying a container to renting it, perhaps our 20 DC steel container will be exactly what you are looking for.


Sea container 20 – possible application

20 DC containers, i.e. standard height containers, have many uses. They can be used as storage containers, office containers, or for transporting goods by sea. Nowadays, containers are used both in large companies and households. Despite its compact dimensions for containers, it has a really good load capacity and can fit hundreds of boxes with general cargo. Thanks to this, it is willingly chosen by all people who value this type of optimal solution.


Why our 20′ containers? 

Steelcube is a Polish seller of containers. We offer many attractively priced models, including such efficient solutions as 20 DC containers. We can offer everyone optimal solutions tailored to their needs and professional advice in the field of containers. When buying from us, you get a full-fledged product of the highest quality, made of high-quality materials, and resistant to various conditions. You can view the selected model and see its excellent condition with your own eyes, making a conscious choice for years.


Perfect solution (not only) for logistics  

Sea containers are irreplaceable in the logistics industry. Their invention revolutionized international transport, enabling the safe transport of goods even over long distances.

Today, however, containers, including those of the 20 DC type, are used in many fields. They also work well wherever additional storage space is needed, e.g. as backup facilities for restaurants or shops, and even for storing weapons for the military sector. Perhaps you are also looking for a warehouse that will perfectly protect your goods from falling into the wrong hands – if so, our offer is just for you.


Sea container 20 – special offer

Our products include many models of containers of various types and dimensions. Thanks to this, everyone can find the optimal option for their unique needs.

Sea container 20 DC One Way stands out from them. Its compact size, large capacity, and the fact of making only one sea voyage make this offer a unique opportunity to buy a brand new, excellent quality storage container at a reasonable price.


What do you get when you buy our 20 DC Sea Container? 

Containers are ideal storage facilities because they are both roomy and sturdy. Their construction and the materials they are made of perfectly protect both against attempts to get inside by unauthorized persons and against weather conditions.

Our 20 DC type container meets all these conditions, and at the same time in the One Way option, it can be considered new. So you can expect great aesthetics and technical parameters while purchasing the container from an experienced, reputable, honest seller.


Best quality with the best price 

One Way sea containers are models that show no signs of use, and at the same time, they can be purchased at a more attractive price than completely new containers. Virtually all of their elements remain in excellent condition.

We are constantly trying to expand our offer with models that provide a good price-quality ratio and allow you to maintain a balance between managing your home or company budget and the ability to use all the amenities necessary for a comfortable life.


Sea containers – what else can we offer? 

Steelcube is an expert in both the sale and rental of sea containers. We sell various types of containers of different quality, types, dimensions, or purposes. We offer DC, HC containers, or specialized containers, such as refrigerated containers.

You will find new and used models with us. We offer containers that are technically efficient and in good visual condition. We have different color options in the catalog. You will find a cross-section of offers from used containers, through the One Way type, to brand new ones.


Why is it worth taking advantage of our offer?

Our company is created by the best experts in the industry who want to use their passion and many years of experience. We have extensive knowledge about the types of containers, as well as their repair and servicing.

We select for our catalog only those models that can meet the needs of our customers in terms of quality or other factors. We are also an honest company, focusing on clear communication with the client, ensuring that everything is always done legally and in a professional atmosphere.


Sea container 20 DC One Way from Steelcube – your container hub

Check out our offer of the 20 DC sea container, as well as other One Way models and more. We cordially invite you to purchase and rent the best quality sea containers.