Sea container 40’HC OW – new

Container 40’HC OW

The 40’HC OW container is one of the largest standard sea containers. The phrase One Way means that the container is brand new, after one sea voyage. Thanks to this, it is very aesthetic – it will work well in any environment.
Its size is certainly impressive. The volume of over 76 m³ and the ability to load up to 25 Euro pallets mean that you can fit practically everything in it. Large external dimensions (12.2 m * 2.44 m) are an undoubted advantage, but they can also cause a problem when you look for a place for it under your company or home. If the space at the place of unloading is not a problem, then the 40’HC container will be the perfect storage solution for you.
Its design, adapted to the hardships of many years of sea service, means very high strength and resistance to external factors. The new 40’HC One Way container is a storage solution for years.