Refrigerated containers

Container 40’HCRF CW

Refrigerated containers have been created for the sea transport of goods that require a constant, specific temperature. The refrigeration unit is responsible for maintaining constant parameters.
The structure based on the frame means very high strength, and the walls filled with polyurethane foam provide excellent insulation parameters. The aluminum floor made of T-profiles (so-called “T-bar”) is responsible for the free flow of air, thus maintaining the same temperature throughout the container. These and other solutions allow you to maintain the temperature in the range of +30/-30 ℃ (recommended temperature range for used containers is +25/-20 ℃).

Used refrigerated containers bear traces of shipowner exploitation – rust efflorescence, patches, dents, and scratches of the paint coating. However, this does not affect their functioning. Before delivery, each container undergoes PTI inspection during which all necessary repairs are made (both locksmith and mechanical ones). We encourage you to renew the container.

We offer used refrigerated containers both for rent and sale.